You’ve Never Ridden In a Taxi



You’ll come across a lot of things in downtown Cleveland, big yellow taxis are not one of them. Very rarely do I see taxis within the city limits. They’re usually buzzing around the airport or the bar scene in Lakewood. they don’t even remotely resemble the typical taxi you’d see in New York City. They’re usually maroon in color, I believe that is the Westlake Express taxi company. They often remind me of unmarked police cars, undercovers, creeps…

There have been several occasions in which I have walked down the street at night or even during the afternoon and a cab driver has sat in his car staring daggers at me as I pass. I try to not make eye contact for the mere fact that I feel like these bastards are stalking me sometimes. I’ve seen them literally sit in the street for an hour at a time “waiting” for someone to get in their cab. I’m not sure how the taxi cab business works, but I’m pretty sure acting like a creepy P.I. isn’t in their job description.  No offense to taxi cab drivers, I’m sure you mean no harm, but there are a select few that look as though they were axe murderers before landing their job as a chauffeur.

Well in short, I’ve managed to somehow find myself in a taxi before, not in Cleveland, but the outside ‘burbs. It was by no means what one would call a pleasant experience. It smelled like urine and cigarettes. There was crusty substance on the backs of the driver and passenger seats which I will not go into detail about, and the flatulence being released by the cab driver every five minutes smelled like his stomach had fallen out of his ass. I would not suggest taking a cab, not that cab at least. I can’t remember which company it was , but it was Awful with a capital A!

In conclusion, you’d probably be better off riding a bike or bumming a ride from one of your friends. Thank god taxi’s aren’t the main source of transportation in Cleveland!

~ by carluhhcouture on February 26, 2010.

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