You Know Tower City Isn’t A City At All

Tower City

Tower City, Cleveland

Tower City. Previously, Cleveland Union Terminal. The heart of Cleveland. I remember one of my first visits to Tower City. I went  to see the infamous Christmas lights downtown. We walked into the 52 story building that was once the second largest building in North America and I was in awe. I had never seen such a magnificent sight. There were over 100 specialty shops, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, offices, and even a large indoor water fountain that ‘danced’ to music. There were rapid transit trains below, large christmas trees above, and beautiful decorations everywhere.

The diversity of people walking throughout the place was incredible. I had never seen anything like it before. Looking back, it could have been described as a kid in a candy store sort of experience. To think of all the history that was enveloped into one building, right on Public Square was overwhelming.

Although its size is enormous, it most definitely is not a city. When you’re a little kid you’d never know the difference though. Even still when I take a trip downtown and pass through the mall I still get a feeling of, wow, this place is incredible in my stomach. If you’re ever in Cleveland make sure to make a pit stop at Tower City. You’ll understand what I mean then.

~ by carluhhcouture on November 19, 2009.

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