You Know What the Jake Really Is

“The Jake” a place? A person? A memory? All of the above. Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians to be exact, as well as Dick Jacobs, former team owner and developer; the memory will go on.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jacobs at an Indian’s home game years ago when my dad had taken my brother and I to the ball park. I don’t quite remember the man honestly, but I do recall him being completely devoted to his team. I suppose I would be too had I invested $40 million back in 1986. Although Cleveland was a weaker team, Mr. Jacobs somehow managed to keep morale going, not only for the team but for the city as well. We always seemed to fall just short of that one great win which would send us to the top with flying colors but alas no such luck. Jacobs field was created for baseball, by people who love baseball, and specifically for Cleveland. There will be no greater baseball monument bestowed to the city as Jacobs field once was, now we have an er.. stiffer landmark *coughPROGRESSIVEcough* in its place.

Here’s to you Jake, the Jake, Jacob’s field, Dick Jacob’s and any other related entity. We miss you!

~ by carluhhcouture on November 14, 2009.

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